Can I run a sub 5 minute mile

A couple of times I’ve thought about trying to get my best 1 mile below 5 minutes but never dedicated time to it, I’ve always moved on to doing some other training.

The other evening I gave it a go to see what I’m currently capable of. My best is currently 5:27.8 and this test came in at 5:28.8.

Encouraged by this I think I’m going to give this a go over the coming months and see if I can get it under 5 minutes or if not how close I can get.

Update 1st June 2020

My initial thought is No, I can’t run a sub 5 minute mile. But then it’s sort of early days in this.

I’ve done a couple of 1 mile efforts that have stayed around the 5:30 mark and then another session of 400m sprints.

I’ll keep going but it would be at least encouraging to get a new PR time on 1 mile.

Update 14th June 2020

After a week where I did a long ride and a half marathon training run I tried a mile today and it was the slowest I’ve done so far. A good 6 or 7 seconds slower than what I’ve been doing lately. This has been the problem before, I think I’ll try the fast mile and then do other training and never keep at it.

On the plus side I do feel like I’ve got a 5k PR in me at the moment, maybe that will be this week.

<h2>Update 17th June 2020</h2>

I was very wrong. My 5k was nearly a minute slower than usual. The first mile was ok, second mile terrible and 3rd mile picked up a bit.

Update 26th June 2020

I thought I had a PR today. Turned out to be 1.5 seconds off but felt good and if it weren’t for the slight incline at the end I think I would have had it. But sub 5 still feels like a big ask. All good fun trying though.

Update 4th August 2020

One of the good, or bad depending on how you look at it, things of tracking this is I can see just how often I attempt a hard mile or put some effort into improving my pace. It’s been a while. I tried a hard mile but as soon as I set off I knew the legs weren’t quite there today but still did a decent enough effort.

I am starting to think I should have called this post Can I Beat My Mile PR.


Normally I’m more about the rock music but sometimes I’ll hear something a bit more mellow and really get into it.

Hammock are just one of those things. Listenign to their music through headphones makes me feel like I’m living in a film.

I recommended them to a friend, Chris Holmes, who likes stuff such as Explosions In The Sky and The Album Leaf and he can recommend them too, with a hat tip to me.

New Year New Blog

I’ve been meaning to set up a new blog for a while now and after a few friends had gone to the bother I decided it was time for me to get on board.

This is along with other things like updating the design and content of my portfolio website, learning new technologies and improving on old ones.

This blog will be a mixture of things from personal to professional and anything else I feel will benefit it.

Happy new year (decade)