My first day with an Arduino MKR GSM 1400

I have a project in mind that needs internet connectivity but I won’t have access to WiFi so when I saw the Arduino MKR GSM 1400 with it’s GSM capability I thought I could use it to send my data over 3G.

Before I get to trying anything like that this is my experience using it for the first time.

Where do I put the SIM Card

I already had a SIM Card from GiffGaff to use I just needed somewhere to put it.

Spoiler alert: it’s on the bottom.

The bottom of the Arduino MKR 1400 with the SIM card slot on the right
The bottom of the Arduino MKR 1400 with the SIM card slot on the right

I was looking at the board still stuck in the soft foam and couldn’t for the life of me find the SIM card slot until I turned it over.

First Sketch

As you’d expect there is all the information you need to know about getting started on the Arduino website.

I followed the instructions and had the classic blink sketch up and running in seconds.

Second Sketch

I found a simple sketch that uses the GSM library to send a message. But that gave me the following warning

WARNING: library {0} claims to run on {1} architecture(s) and may be incompatible with your current board which runs on {2} architecture(s).

This was caused by including GSM.h rather than MKRGSM.h

From there I went to the MKRGSM Library page which has some useful examples including one to send an SMS message.

The sketch uploaded sucesfully but it got stuck on connecting.

I swapped the new SIM card for the one I use in my phone and that one worked. So I tried the new SIM card in a phone and it worked fine. I put the new SIM back into the Arduino and tried the sketch again, and still no joy using the new SIM card.

The top SIM does not work in the MKR 1400 but the bottom one does
The top SIM does not work in the MKR 1400 but the bottom one does

Going Forward

Overall the board was quick and easy to get going with. The hardest part is going to be figuring out why the SIM card isn’t working in it. Hopefully I can sort that and then get on with utilising the board in some projects.


I’ve got an Arduino kit

I recently found out about Arduino an open-source electronics prototyping platform – as described on the website.

It’s basically a circuit board which can have components connected to it and then “sketches” can be uploaded to the board to control how it operates. The basics, which I am working through this Christmas, are controlling LEDs but if you have a Google or YouTube there are some really impressive projects.

I’ve never really dabbled with electronics before but this looks a lot of fun. There is a project to control your garage door with iOS. There are also numerous examples of connecting to the board over a network so I’d love to combine some web work or iOS work with Arduino.

Starter kits can be found online pretty cheap and there are plenty of good tutorials around as well.