Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski review

Do web developers really take holidays? Or are our breaks from the day job just an opportunity to catch up on some reading and tinker with some side projects? We haven’t even hit Christmas Day and I’ve managed to finish off two books I’ve had on the go, this one and PHP Master: Write Cutting-Edge Code from SitePoint.

On to business, I love the A Book Apart releases and this one is no different. Luke Wroblewski is always posting little nuggets of mobile statistics and tips on his website so I was very keen to read a whole book from him.

The book logically steps through

  • some stats on why you should be concerned with mobile
  • how it differs from normal desktop browsing
  • how we should embrace the constraints of small screen
  • how this simplicity can in turn benefit the desktop site
  • how to design mobile / small screen layouts

There are lots of helpful little tips throughout the book but one of the main points I took away came right at the end. Luke assures us that mobile is changing at a very very fast pace and will continue to do so. As such we should not worry about being on top of all the changes as it is almost impossible. Instead focus on implementing changes and techniques where you can and accept that there will soon be something new that you could not have predicted or included.

You can pick up the book in paperback, ebook or a bundle of the both from A Book Apart.