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VR Development Fundamentals With Oculus Quest 2 And Unity Course

January 28, 2022
VR, Unity, Oculus Quest

I’ve recently been taking more of an interest in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). After having a go with an Oculus Quest I decided to learn more about making software for the platform. I wanted a reasonably in depth course but not one that would take months to complete. So VR Development Fundamentals With Oculus Quest 2 And Unity on Udemy was the perfect fit. Having completed and enjoyed the course I’ve now got a book so I can do more of a deep dive into Unity. ...

First Instagram Filter built with Spark AR Studio

December 31, 2021

I recently made my first Instagram filter using Spark AR Studio. Overall it was quick and straightforward to get started and I enjoyed using the application and making a filter. The outcome was a Christmas themed filter which I’m reasonably happy with. The hat was hard to position and after a lot of fiddling around I got it ok, but there is some improvements that could be made. The snow effect was quite simple to build and the random sizes enhances the effect. ...

Breaking my learning habits for the better

September 17, 2020

I’ve been using Babbel for a few years now to learn Spanish and I find it a very well structured learning experience. Having completed lessons you are then prompted to review those items soon after and then again in the near future. If you correctly review items they are then presented for review periodically. I had got into a routine where I liked to clear my review items down to zero before doing any new lessons but a recent update to the app forced me into a change of habit. ...

Podcast I’m Currently Subscribed To

August 5, 2020

I’ve always been a big fan of podcasts and these days there is plenty of choice. Here is a list of podcasts I currently subscribe to. There are some in there which sadly no longer put out content but archived episodes maybe of interest. /dev/hellAPIs You Won’t HateAthletes Unfiltered – Strava PodcastCall It A DayChoiceology with Katy MilkmanCodePen RadioDetectionsDuolingo Spanish PodcastFreakonomics RadioFull Stack RadioHeavyweightHow I Built This with Guy RazLullabot PodcastPalabras BravasPHP Town HallRadio AmbulanteReply AllShopTalk ShowSyntax – Tasty Web Development TreatsTalking DrupalThe Art of ManlinessThe Boagworld UX ShowThe F-WordThe Laravel PodcastThe Stack Overflow PodcastUnsupervised LearningVoices of the ElePHPant

Adapt Learning Hello Something Plugin

July 25, 2020
Adapt, Adapt Authoring Tool, Adapt CLI, Adapt Plugin

Hello Something Plugin In a previous post I stepped through creating a basic Adapt plugin that outputs the static text Hello World https://ianluckraft.co.uk/2020/05/adapt-learning-hello-world-plugin/ . But a plugin that only outputs some static text is possibly less than useful. In this post we’ll look at the next logical step of allowing a course builder to add some dynamic text to the output. As a starter we will clone the Hello World plugin and then replace World with Something. ...

Laravel Vue Testing

July 4, 2020

Laravel comes with some very good testing tools but I also wanted to use Vue’s testing tools on my components. I ended up reading quite a few tutorials and watching a few videos before finding enough information to get it working. I decided a good idea would be to list the most helpful resources and also setup a GitHub repo for future reference. My starting point was the series of videos on Laracasts. ...


June 26, 2020
My work
JavaScript, Tailwind CSS, Vue.js

The now deprecated Instagram API was one of my favourite APIs to use. It was well documented, simple to use and provided some great data. It’s unfortunate that they decided to stop its usage, but I understand that companies need to protect their data as it’s often their most valuable asset. I recently found out though that Instagram provides a public feed of users recent posts. So I thought I’d look at creating something with it. ...

Can I run a sub 5 minute mile

May 21, 2020
5 Minute Mile

A couple of times I’ve thought about trying to get my best 1 mile below 5 minutes but never dedicated time to it, I’ve always moved on to doing some other training. The other evening I gave it a go to see what I’m currently capable of. My best is currently 5:27.8 and this test came in at 5:28.8. Encouraged by this I think I’m going to give this a go over the coming months and see if I can get it under 5 minutes or if not how close I can get. ...

Adapt Learning Hello World Plugin

May 1, 2020
Adapt, Adapt Plugin

This tutorial will not go into depth about some of the code used. The idea is to give an overview of creating a basic Adapt plugin that will output some static text. The plugin code can be downloaded from gitHub{.aioseop-link}. The Adapt framework comes with a good selection of components to help you build your e-learning course, then added to this are the contributed plugins{.aioseop-link}. But what if there isn’t quite the thing you need? ...

Adapt Authoring Tool Hello World Part 4: Adding assessment results

May 1, 2020
Adapt, Adapt Authoring Tool, elearning

Now that we have a course setup and the user can answer some questions and get feedback we’ll add an assessment result to let them now how they did. In the Adapt Authoring Tool go into our Hello World course and then choose Manage extensions from the left menu. In the Manage extensions page click the green Add button to the right of Assessment. You should now have two enabled extensions ...