I’m off to Future of Web Apps 2012

This year I’m lucky enough to be attending Future of Web Apps London 2012. I’ve been to Future of Web Design before and found it hugely inspirational so I have expectations for it’s more technical sibling.

I’m looking forward to #

Jeffrey Zeldman – Obviously a major influence in the web world and I’ve heard he is an amazing speaker.

Bruce Lawson – I’ve seen Bruce speak at FOWD and he is very engaging as a speaker and I admire his honesty and openness on standards.

Lorna Jane Mitchell – Not only am I interested in her API talk I also get to attend the API workshop with her. APIs are something I’ve been looking at and working with a lot more recently so the chance to pick the brains of someone as accomplished as Lorna is a fantastic opportunity.

Andrew Appleton – I’ve also been looking a lot more into the many JavaScript MV* frameworks lately so Andrew’s talk regarding Backbone.js is of interest to me.