Stepping back to move forward with ReactJS

I’ve been using ReactJS as I have been exploring Headless / Decoupled Drupal and have so far found it to be very nice to work with. However, as I am not overly familar with it I’ve found myself looking up lots of things to ensure I’m doing it “the React way”. This has meant I’ve been doing more React learning than I have Drupal learning.

My solution is to go back to an existing Drupal 7 project where I have a custom piece of search functionality and replicate it using JSON feeds provided by Drupal and a ReactJS frontend.

This has been really beneficial in my learning as I have very clea objectivies and expectations. It also means I am only focussed on learning one thing at time so I don’t skip around between documentation and tutorials.

If you ae just starting with ReactJS, or any othe JavaScript famework, and Drupal I would highly reccomend this approach to get a taste of what this decoupled appoach can bring to your skill set.