Customer Service as a Service

In my younger days I worked in a surf shop where the owner was very hot on customer service. He liked us to greet every customer when they entered and left. To start with this seemed quite unnatural and the odd customer even seemed confused. In general though it did open up communication and people seemed genuinely happy with the interaction even when you said thanks to them for leaving empty handed.

Now I’m a web developer and spend the majority of my days sat in a room by myself but customer service is just as important. With you’re building an agency building a site or working on an app you will have customers and they deserve to be treated well.

These days there are many developers and agencies out there that all do fantastic work. You can no longer rely on being a scarce resource. Providing great customer service goes a long way to making the project enjoyable and successful as well as paving the way for repeat business and recommendations.

Be polite #

It may seem like basics you teach small children but remembering to be polite in the digital world so not be taken for granted. A simple “thank you” when the client helps by sending you the updated text or images you requested sets up a good working relationship.

It’s their site, they use it, try to accommodate them #

You may not always agree with your clients requests and often this comes down to opinion. At he end of the day they are the ones who are paying for a website and will have to live with it everyday.

As an example there maybe a content management task with two options. #

  1. Simple technologically but harder for the CMS user
  2. Harder technologically but makes the CMS user’s job easier

Always try to go for option 2. I often find it’s the small things that make people’s lives easier that are most appreciated.

They may not understand as well as you, try different explanations #

If only clients could see what I see in my head. Everyone learns and understands differently and concepts that make perfect sense to me about a database can be baffling for others. There are many times you will need to take a different approach to explanations to help clients understand your concept.

For me nothing is better than quickly mocking something up so we are all looking at the same thing rather than relying on a fuzzy dewscription that can easily be interpreted wrongly.

Check they understand, ask if they are happy #

Sometimes people end up agreeing when they aren’t 100% sure of the outcome. There is always lots to be thinking about in web projects. Taking a few seconds at the end of a discussion to ensure everyone understands the next steps and they are happy with them can save doing unnecessary work when the client reveals this wasn’t what they really wanted.

Give options #

I find there is rarely a single option for solutions. Many times it’s a case of there being at least two ways we could achieve a task, both of which come with pros and cons.

Using the above advice provide the client with the options and a clear explanation of the pros and cons and let them decide their preferred implementation.

It not just for customers #

Looking back at my time in the surf shop it didn’t take long before I was chatting to everyone I came into contact with and I instantly recognised how this simple act made all interactions easier and more enjoyable. All of the above points can be applied to your colleagues as well.

For example if a designer comes to you with an idea for an interactive menu there maybe two ways it could be implemented on the website. Discuss the merits of each idea and which will benefit the design the best and everyone will be happy. The designer gets to choose the best visual and you don’t get a technically impossible PSD.