Adapt Authoring Tool Hello World Part 3: Adding questions

If you’ve been following on from the previous post you will be on the Page Structure page, if not then from the dashboard double click on the Hello World course, then from the Course structure page double click on the Take the test and say “Hello World” page.

You’ll now be back on the Course structure page. Double click on the page box which is now labelled Take the test and say “Hello World!”

We are now on the Page structure page where we can add Articles, Blocks and Components. You can read more about Adapt’s ABC structure on Adapt Learning Blog{.aioseop-link}.

To give ourselves a blank canvas we will first remove the default article, which will also remove its child block and component. Click the bin icon to the right of New Article Title and then click Yes, I’m sure in the confirmation dialog.

Now we can add in our articles, blocks and components.

Click Add article and then double click New Article Title

Change the title value to Hello World Test

Change the Instruction text to Answer all the questions

And then click the green Save button in the top left.

Double click New Block Title

Change the title to Question 1

And then click the green Save button in the top left.

Click on Add component and scroll to the bottom of the list that appears and click on Text Input. You may need to scroll the list down a bit more to see the options that appear for adding the Text Input. From those options choose Add full.

Click the cog icon in the top left of the Text Input component that will now be inside the Question 1 block and click Edit.

Change the Title to What will be our greeting?

Under Input Items click the Add button. For answers enter Hello and then click the blue OK button.

Change attempts to 2 so the user can have another attempt if they get it wrong the first time.

Tick the Allow ‘any case’ answers input so the user can enter hello or Hello.

Feedback #

We can add some feedback for our users to help them out during their learning. Update the following fields.


You are correct we will say Hello


That is not our greeting

Incorrect Not Final

That is not our greeting, please try again

Leave everything else as the defaults and click the green Save button in the top left.

If you now click the green Preview course button and then the View button to take you to the questions you can try adding correct and incorrect answers.

Where’s the feedback? #

If you enter an incorrect answer and then click Show feedback you will notice that nothing happens. To fix this we need to enable an extension.

Back in the Authoring Tool select Manage extensions form the left hand menu. Under Available extensions find the Tutor extension and click the green Add button beside it.

 This will now appear in the Enabled extensions at the top of the page.

If you read the description of the Tutor extension you will see it does exactly what we are after “An extension which provides a basic feedback overlay for question components”.

If you now return to our course, preview it and enter an incorrect answer you will see our feedback now appears.

To finish up we will add one more component to utilise a different question format.

Multiple choice #

Return to the Page structure page and click on Add block below our Text input.

As we did earlier we will change the block title, this time to Question 2

Click Add component and choose Multiple Choice Question from the list and Add full.

Click the cog icon to edit the Multiple Choice and update the following fields


What are we greeting?




World – Mark this as a correct answer, see the image below





Randomise answers


Correct feedback

You are correct we are greeting the world

Incorrect feedback

That is not what we are greeting

Incorrect Not Final feedback

That is not what we are greeting, please try again

If you now preview the course you will see our second question in the format of a multiple choice list.

Now we have a couple of questions for our users the next post will cover letting our user know how they did with by adding an assessment{.aioseop-link}.