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June 26, 2020
My work
JavaScript, Tailwind CSS, Vue.js

The now deprecated Instagram API was one of my favourite APIs to use. It was well documented, simple to use and provided some great data. It’s unfortunate that they decided to stop its usage, but I understand that companies need to protect their data as it’s often their most valuable asset. I recently found out though that Instagram provides a public feed of users recent posts. So I thought I’d look at creating something with it. ...

Coding With Pen and Paper

February 6, 2018
My work, Web Development
Web Development

Producing a rough sketch on a piece of paper may seem more like the realms of a designer desperately trying to get an idea out of their head into a physical form to share with others but I find it can also help me develop backend code. Planning # When starting a new bit of work I normally have the rough idea in my head of how I’m going to modularise the code and what functionality each piece will need. ...

Curse of the Redesign: Moving to the Live Environment

January 30, 2018
My work, Web Development
Web Development

When we develop sites we start off locally and in a development environment. During the development process we continue this process as we evolve the design and functionality. But there comes a point where the site we’re working moves to the stage where it will become the live site. At this point it’s preferable to move it to the live environment. Configuration # We try and match development and live environments as much as possible but it’s not always possible to get exact matches due to various constraints. ...

Curse of the Redesign: Handling Existing Content

January 23, 2018
My work, Web Development
Database, Web Development

As I spoke about in the previous post about redesigns my work generally focuses on clients who have existing sites that need to be moved to a new Content Management System and have a new design applied to them. Whilst this can have it’s advantages for design work by allowing the front end developers far more freedom with markup it has some challenges for the backend. Discovery # Every database I have received have been from a different CMS, some have been MySQL and some have been Microsoft SQL database but all have required some discovery. ...

Boagworld article Do people see you as a roadblock

February 1, 2015
My work, Web Development

Paul Boag has recently posted an article titled “Do people see you as a roadblock?” that includes some very nice mentions about me. So in a shameless act of self promotion I’m going to link to it. You can read the article at

MARINEXUS website approaching launch

December 21, 2010
My work, Web Development

The website for the MARINEXUS project is approaching a launch date which should be before the Christmas break. In anticipation I created a new holding page to makes things that little more interesting. The website will be developed in the new year to run from WordPress to allow users to adjust the content and add news and events when the project hits full swing.

JC Surf now provides Discovery Surf Media

August 30, 2010
My work, Web Development

The JC Surf site I worked on recently has added Discovery Surf Media to the products John can provide access to. Discovery Surf are a local company who are now making it big in the wider surf industry with their instructional DVD series.

MarLIN Recording Blog re-launched

August 27, 2010
My work, Web Development
blog, Wordpress

The new version of the MarLIN Recording Blog has gone live today. MarLIN, The Marine Life Information Network, has an activity community of recorders who submit sightings of marine life through the MarLIN website. The blog, built on WordPress, will be updated with interesting and unusual sightings as well as information from MarLIN events. The blog also updates the MarLIN Twitter account when a new post is added or edited.

Lilly & Day launched

July 22, 2010
My work, Web Development
jQuery, Wordpress

Based in London Lilly & Day provide garden and landscape design. Working with designer Random Badger the site is built on WordPress allowing the client to make updates to text or upload new portfolio images. The portfolio gallery uses a jQuery plugin Galleria to improve the user experience progressively for those that are able to use javascript.

JC Surf launched

June 11, 2010
My work, Web Development

John Copley has been part of the surf scene since the sixties and now works as an agent for a large number of worldwide surf brands. Working with Random Badger I created a site to showcase the companies and products that JC can provide for you. The site is aimed at getting the user interested and encouraging them to get in touch. The site also contains a small profile about the man himself. ...