CodeIgniter based Fuel CMS

October 8, 2011
CodeIgniter, Fuel CMS, Web Development
CMS, CodeIgniter, Fuel CMS

I recentley discovered a new CMS called Fuel. It is based on the PHP framework CodeIgniter and I feel it has huge potential. Below is a post I added to the Fuel forums on why Fuel differs from other CMS systems. When I start a project I tend to go for WordPress if a need a general blog / CMS and then if the project is a little more bespoke I will go for CodeIgniter. ...

CodeIgniter allow hyphen in url

January 17, 2011
Web Development

I’ve done some reading about hyphens vs underscores in urls and personally I prefer hyphens. I find it seems to keep the words separate where as a underscores seem to join them together in my eyes. PHP functions don’t allow hyphens in their name so I have to use underscores. To solve this in CodeIgniter, so the correct function name is found from the uri segment, only one simple change needs to be made. ...

URBANE Project launched

May 11, 2010
My work, Web Development
CodeIgniter, Google Maps, jQuery

The URBANE project is a study of urban coastal defences. The website provides information about the project and those involved. The partners page has a Google map linked to an unordered list that acts as dual functionality to view more details on the partners. The overlay effect that I wrote for the partners list is utilised again in the image galleries. The site is built on HTML5 with some subtle use of CSS3. ...

Blue Sound launched

May 1, 2010
My work, Web Development
CodeIgniter, CSS3, HTML5

The Blue Sound project aims to encourage people in the Plymouth area to use the ‘blue space’ around them. The website aims to involve local youth groups to participate in work groups with myself and the Blue Sound project officer to enable us to provide the users with a site that they can truly feel is theirs. The site uses HTML5 and CSS3, including CSS drop shadows, rounded corners and transitions. ...

Destroying CodeIgniter Sessions when closing the browser

January 22, 2010
Web Development
CodeIgniter, PHP Frameworks, Web Development

I’m really enjoying using CodeIgniter, it’s an excellent framework and has a side benefit of helping to structure your files neatly. I’ve been working on my first login form using it, and whilst there are lots of tutorials going through this common process I encountered a “problem” with the CodeIgniter sessions persisting when the user closed their browser. A bit of searching around and I came up with a few recommendations. ...

CodeIgniter PHP Framework

January 19, 2010
Web Development
CodeIgniter, PHP Frameworks

I’ve been playing around with PHP frameworks latley and have just started coding my first major project using CodeIgniter. I’ll post updates as I progress but roughly this project interacts with data from different organisations and acts as a central point for approval of records and the sharing of data.