Curse of the Redesign: Existing Content vs New Ideas

January 17, 2018
Web Development
CMS, Web Development

I can’t remember the last time I was involved in making a brand new website rather than an update or redesign. Maybe it’s just the sort of work we are suited to at Headscape and you may find differently. A redesign often brings with it different challenges to making a site from scratch, one of these is challenging the client to provide new types of content. By sharing a vision of how their site could be it encourages clients to improve their site rather than continue with the same old processes. ...

CodeIgniter based Fuel CMS

October 8, 2011
CodeIgniter, Fuel CMS, Web Development
CMS, CodeIgniter, Fuel CMS

I recentley discovered a new CMS called Fuel. It is based on the PHP framework CodeIgniter and I feel it has huge potential. Below is a post I added to the Fuel forums on why Fuel differs from other CMS systems. When I start a project I tend to go for WordPress if a need a general blog / CMS and then if the project is a little more bespoke I will go for CodeIgniter. ...