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Adapt Learning Hello Something Plugin

July 25, 2020
Adapt, Adapt Authoring Tool, Adapt CLI, Adapt Plugin

Hello Something Plugin In a previous post I stepped through creating a basic Adapt plugin that outputs the static text Hello World . But a plugin that only outputs some static text is possibly less than useful. In this post we’ll look at the next logical step of allowing a course builder to add some dynamic text to the output. As a starter we will clone the Hello World plugin and then replace World with Something. ...

Adapt Learning Hello World Plugin

May 1, 2020
Adapt, Adapt Plugin

This tutorial will not go into depth about some of the code used. The idea is to give an overview of creating a basic Adapt plugin that will output some static text. The plugin code can be downloaded from gitHub{.aioseop-link}. The Adapt framework comes with a good selection of components to help you build your e-learning course, then added to this are the contributed plugins{.aioseop-link}. But what if there isn’t quite the thing you need? ...