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Destroying CodeIgniter Sessions when closing the browser

January 22, 2010
Web Development
CodeIgniter, PHP Frameworks, Web Development

I’m really enjoying using CodeIgniter, it’s an excellent framework and has a side benefit of helping to structure your files neatly. I’ve been working on my first login form using it, and whilst there are lots of tutorials going through this common process I encountered a “problem” with the CodeIgniter sessions persisting when the user closed their browser. A bit of searching around and I came up with a few recommendations. ...

CodeIgniter PHP Framework

January 19, 2010
Web Development
CodeIgniter, PHP Frameworks

I’ve been playing around with PHP frameworks latley and have just started coding my first major project using CodeIgniter. I’ll post updates as I progress but roughly this project interacts with data from different organisations and acts as a central point for approval of records and the sharing of data.