Tom Frankham Imagery

Tom is a talented young photographer and designer form Plymouth. Lately he has been working for Prime Delux, who’s online store I developed, taking photos for them and also dealing with the admin side of the store.

The images he has added to the site have really improved the overall look and feel as well as giving the user a better view of the products.

You can check out his improved portfolio site at

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Free psd grid templates

I was impressed with the flexibility of the responsive design demo shown at

So I decided to make some simple psd files with guides and a grid overlay folder for each of the layouts. Now all I have to do is implement it on my site.

And I’d like to share them with you.

Download the templates

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CodeIgniter allow hyphen in url


I’ve done some reading about hyphens vs underscores in urls and personally I prefer hyphens. I find it seems to keep the words separate where as a underscores seem to join them together in my eyes.

PHP functions don’t allow hyphens in their name so I have to use underscores.

To solve this in CodeIgniter, so the correct function name is found from the uri segment, only one simple change needs to be made.

In system/libraries/Router.php find line 153 and change this line

$segments = $this->_validate_request($segments);


$segments = $this->_validate_request(str_replace(“-“, “_”, $segments));

All we need to do is do a string replacement so hyphens become underscores.

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MARINEXUS website approaching launch

The website for the MARINEXUS project is approaching a launch date which should be before the Christmas break.

In anticipation I created a new holding page to makes things that little more interesting.

The website will be developed in the new year to run from WordPress to allow users to adjust the content and add news and events when the project hits full swing.

MARINEXUS holding page

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JC Surf now provides Stormrider Guides

JC Surf has been updated with The Stormrider Guides.

Often referred to as The Surfer’s Bible the guides are often an essential part of planning and partaking in a surf trip to some of the premier spots around the world.

If you are interested in stocking the guides then get in touch with JC.

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Normally I’m more about the rock music but sometimes I’ll hear something a bit more mellow and really get into it.

Hammock are just one of those things. Listenign to their music through headphones makes me feel like I’m living in a film.

I recommended them to a friend, Chris Holmes, who likes stuff such as Explosions In The Sky and The Album Leaf and he can recommend them too, with a hat tip to me.

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Typekit now installed

I’ve now signed up for a Typekit account and have used Ligurino on this site for it’s clean lines.

The interface for choosing and adding fonts is fantastic and very very user friendly.

The fonts look great on a Mac although there does seem to be a few rendering issues on Windows.

I’d be especially keen to use this for logos or headings as the larger font sizes seem to display the best.

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JC Surf now provides Discovery Surf Media

The JC Surf site I worked on recently has added Discovery Surf Media to the products John can provide access to.

Discovery Surf are a local company who are now making it big in the wider surf industry with their instructional DVD series.

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MarLIN Recording Blog re-launched

The new version of the MarLIN Recording Blog has gone live today.

MarLIN, The Marine Life Information Network, has an activity community of recorders who submit sightings of marine life through the MarLIN website.

The blog, built on WordPress, will be updated with interesting and unusual sightings as well as information from MarLIN events.

The blog also updates the MarLIN Twitter account when a new post is added or edited.

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Lilly & Day launched

Based in London Lilly & Day provide garden and landscape design.

Working with designer Random Badger the site is built on WordPress allowing the client to make updates to text or upload new portfolio images.

The portfolio gallery uses a jQuery plugin Galleria to improve the user experience progressively for those that are able to use javascript.

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