Ian Luckraft - Software Engineer

Testing SSL certificates without a domain name

June 27, 2016

Recently at Headscape we were setting up a new server ready to launch a redesign of a site. Whilst testing we were accessing the site using the server’s IP address which works fine for checking everything is working, apart from when we needed to install the SSL certificate. The SSL certificate is based on a domain name so going to an IP address causes the SSL certificate to warn of an insecure connection. ...

Drupal Commerce, TeamCity and Git Submodules

June 17, 2015

At Headscape we use TeamCity as our Continuous Integration server and I recently came across an error when trying to build Drupal Commerce Kickstart. The main parts of the error message were Failed to build patch for build... due to error: 'build patch' command failed. stderr: The repository has a submodule in the commit '77b28273d1ebb08fd03ee254bbb20b6b476d16ec' at a path 'profiles/commerce_kickstart/libraries/jquery.bxslider', but has no .gitmodules configuration at the root directory To fix this I needed a list of the submodules which I found using a command given in this Stack Overflow thread ...

Enjoying getting it wrong

March 4, 2015
Web Development

This post also appears on the Headscape site as part of our blog. During my teens and twenties I spent a lot of time skateboarding. It’s quite a unique sport in the way it influences your life as a whole. For example, you begin to look at architecture in a new creative way. You also fall over, a lot. In fact you get really good at falling over: jump down ten steps roll across the concrete, hop up and do it again. ...

Boagworld article Do people see you as a roadblock

February 1, 2015
My work, Web Development

Paul Boag has recently posted an article titled “Do people see you as a roadblock?” that includes some very nice mentions about me. So in a shameless act of self promotion I’m going to link to it. You can read the article at https://boagworld.com/dev/do-people-see-you-as-a-roadblock/

Codeception Database Helper

May 15, 2014

I’ve been using Codeception for some acceptance testing recently. The project has a large database and using the standard Codeception database module that rebuilds the entire DB from an SQL dump was too slow. All I needed to do was run a few queries to put some tables into a known state. I made a helper module that will run all .sql files in a directory. I’ve put the DbHelper on Github and hopefully it will be useful for others. ...

Guesting on Modules Unraveled Podcast

January 4, 2014

At Headscape we were recently contacted by Brian Lewis from Modules Unraveled Podcast to see if we would like to appear on the show to discuss our use of Drupal. It was really great to have a chat with Brian and there were a few questions sent in by Twitter users who were watching the live stream. You can listen to episode 90 on the Modules Unraveled website.

Moving on from the MBA to Headscape

February 25, 2013

I have been working for The Marine Biological Association for close to five years now but the time has come to move on. I’m very proud to say I will be working for Headscape where I’m sure I will learn lots and continue to progress as a developer. In the five years since I started the web and my skills have progressed exponentially. It’s been fun and nostalgic to talk about the early days and see how far the sites and applications have come since I began working with the MBA. ...

Smashing Node.JS Review

October 7, 2012
Book Reviews
Book reviews, node.js, nodejs

The short review would be “what a brilliant book”. I had tinkered with Node.js before but in a bit of an unstructured fashion. Reading the table of contents had me impressed then seeing the price for the Kindle version confirmed the deal. There is a lot of information here for very little money, around £7.50. The book begins with an introduction to Node and setting it up. There are also some details about the difference between browser JavaScript and some APIs used by node. ...

Shop Talk Answer

August 11, 2012

I recently discovered Shop Talk, a live web design and development podcast by Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert. So I’ve been listening to the old episodes and in episode 9 with Ethan Marcotte. Andy Howells from the UK asked a question ,which is 15:38 into the episode. He asked about an eCommerce site that could have twenty four additional images of a product and rightly expressed concerns about page load speed on mobile devices over slow network connections. ...

I’m off to Future of Web Apps 2012

July 28, 2012

This year I’m lucky enough to be attending Future of Web Apps London 2012. I’ve been to Future of Web Design before and found it hugely inspirational so I have expectations for it’s more technical sibling. I’m looking forward to # Jeffrey Zeldman – Obviously a major influence in the web world and I’ve heard he is an amazing speaker. Bruce Lawson – I’ve seen Bruce speak at FOWD and he is very engaging as a speaker and I admire his honesty and openness on standards. ...